Tri-Valley Real Estate is the premier brokerage in the Silicon Valley region. The TVC team is dedicated to unparalleled excellence.

Leveraging 20 years of expertise in the realm of real estate, technology, finance, and development, our distinguished in-house team employs a diverse business acumen to excel in the realm of asset allocation and the luxury property market.

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Our esteemed team is dedicated to ameliorating the pressure and optimizing the worth of your home. From the most basic modalities of preparing for showings to comprehensive facelifts at no additional expense to yourself.

We collaborate with a preeminent ensemble of designers, purveyors, and advisors to expedite the sale of your property and achieve the pinnacle of market value.


We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled experience for our clients.

As trusted advisors to sellers, buyers, developers, and investors alike, we offer expertise in finance and asset management, ensuring optimal results. Our exclusive access to off-market properties allows us to always present unique opportunities to our clientele.